ECI is csafetyommitted to ensuring our employees, subcontractors and clients work safely and have a safe work environment.  Safety is at the top of our core values and is an active primary focus in all activities.  All projects consider safety in design and in operation as a prerequisite for all work we perform. The safety and health of all our employees is the primary consideration that demands maximum effort by everyone involved in our organization.  It is the responsibility of all employees to work diligently to execute the company’s policy on maintaining a safe work place.

Our safety program has been developed to assure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, the rules of our clients, and to protect the lives and well being of our employees.  It is the obligation of all employees to be knowledgeable of our safety program, and to implement/follow all rules, regulations, and procedures as specified.

ECI Safety Records:

– Goal: TRIR = 0

– Last Three (3) Years: MH TRIR = 0


These numbers and the man-hours included reflect not only our office locations, but also our multitude of field deployed personnel.

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