Chemical / Petrochemical

11114037495_836437656a_nECI has executed projects in a variety of major chemical and petrochemical processes. ECI’s office locations in both Texas and Louisiana provide strategic positioning in the heart of the petrochemical producing Gulf Coast.

ECI boast technical expertise in a variety of processes, including but not limited to:

– Methane derivatives (ammonia, methanol, carbon black, formaldehyde, etc.)

– Ethylene derivatives (ethanol, EO/EG, polyethylene, vinyl acetate, etc.)

– Propylene derivatives (polypropylene, propylene glycol, acrylic acid, etc.)

– Benzene derivatives (ethylbenzene, styrene, polystyrene, etc.)

– Chlorine products (PVC, VCM, Chloralkali, etc.)

– Primary Metals

– Carbon Black

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